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Excuse the Mess

January 16, 2017  •  6 Comments

1216studio_remodel_77741216studio_remodel_7774 The studio is going through some pretty radical changes!!  We moved into a new space, pretty much gutted the upstairs, and with the help of the whole family, are getting underway.  It has been an idea for a long time....and finally has materialized into the mammoth remodel job it is now.  I will post pictures along the way, and let you all know when we're all done....although, I don't think you're ever all done when it comes to studio seems to always to be a work in progress.  So excuse the mess, and enjoy the ride. IMG_0829IMG_0829 IMG_0830IMG_0830 IMG_0831IMG_0831

This space is pretty special!!  My Grandparents built this house in the late 80's and retired here from New Jersey.  My Dad ran the wires and oversaw the building when it was being done. Nanny and PapPap were always supportive and excited to see us, and as the studio grew were excited to see what projects I was working on.  They made this space welcoming and warm.  I have been wanting more studio space for some time, and we all agreed that keeping this home in the family was a no brainer.  The next few pictures were taken of my Grandparent's over the last several years.  I am sure that Nanny and PapPap would be excited to see the changes, I know that the space will be different, but the foundation is the same!!

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Susan Olmer(non-registered)
You are totally right Bro ~"I know that the space will be different, but the foundation is the same!!" Nanny and Papap are watching over you through this entire remodel and I know are very excited to see the finished product, as we all are!! They LOVED to see your pictures and to now have their loving house to share your love for photographer is a treasure you will have forever and ever!! It has been a dream of yours to have a studio since I can remember, I can't wait to see this dream a finished reality! It has been a very exciting transformation!! I am very proud of you, your love for photography has inspired others to love taking pictures too :)
Love ya,
Sis :)
Bridget Wemhoff(non-registered)
I LOVE the blog idea. It is definitely bittersweet watching the transformation- - but I am 100% sure that Nanny and Pap-Pap wouldn't want anything else. They would be loving every minute of watching the renovations and would excited to see the end result. They truly loved their family! Love you bro- and look forward to seeing all the progress. If you need his help- hit Rob up. If your Kelly Days fall on his weekend off he will be there!!!
Brandee Jones(non-registered)
What an inspiring space for your work! Can't wait to see the finished product.
Judy Coffey(non-registered)
Looking good ! I'm sure your grandparents are proud of you and your talent ! They were very nice people. Can't wait to see the finished studio !
Amanda Zywiec(non-registered)
This is awesome!! I agree with the blog. I did with the house I now own and it's fun looking back on the process and pictures to prove. I'm happy and excited for you all! Tell the family hello from Shannon and I. Looking forward to the end result
Good bless,
Amanda Zywiec
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