Excues the Mess part 2

February 04, 2017  •  2 Comments

I've had a couple of requests for updates on the progress of the studio.  It continues to move forward.  It is a huge relief to have the cabinets in.  I can am going to take a breath and catch up on some other projects.  So anyone out there looking for a house for sale in Columbus Nebraska, I have a nice little gem that will be on the market next week....not this one....the other house....FB me and I'll tell you about it


On with the progress pictures!!

Walls are all sprayed and I am getting ready to pull down the rest of the plastic.

My Brother from another mother Bob McDonald brought over both kinds of lunch...solid and liquid! And yes....that is a yellow hallway...

Finished all of the grey ceiling.  Now that it is done I am super glad that I went with the grey!!



This is only a little sketchy!  Thanks Menards for storing my cabinets ;-)



And this is progress!!


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Gotta love the Adventure!!!!!




Love it Bro!!!!! It looks SO big!! Love the cabinets!! Love the YELLOW!!!
Judy coffey(non-registered)
Looking good !
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