How'd that get there???

January 19, 2017  •  2 Comments

I'm prepping to paint, and removing some trim work in what soon will be the new studio.  Along this journey I have found little things here and there. Things that remind me of my grandparents, things that trigger a forgotten memory, or give me pause as to how the heck did that get there. Some of these I know the story, some will remain a mystery. Either way this one is kinda cool and although I'm not one for communication from beyond, I did get at least one goosebump.  


Bridget Wemhoff(non-registered)
I have chills running through my spine. Nanny and Pappap were definitely letting you know that they are there with you.
Susan Olmer(non-registered)
Yep, thats Nanny telling you that she is there and that she is loving the transformation of their home to your new studio/home :) I do honestly believe that.. Just like the yellow flowers and feathers I find in random places :)
Love ya bro!!!
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