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Excues the Mess part 2

February 04, 2017  •  2 Comments

I've had a couple of requests for updates on the progress of the studio.  It continues to move forward.  It is a huge relief to have the cabinets in.  I can am going to take a breath and catch up on some other projects.  So anyone out there looking for a house for sale in Columbus Nebraska, I have a nice little gem that will be on the market next week....not this one....the other house....FB me and I'll tell you about it


On with the progress pictures!!

Walls are all sprayed and I am getting ready to pull down the rest of the plastic.

My Brother from another mother Bob McDonald brought over both kinds of lunch...solid and liquid! And yes....that is a yellow hallway...

Finished all of the grey ceiling.  Now that it is done I am super glad that I went with the grey!!



This is only a little sketchy!  Thanks Menards for storing my cabinets ;-)



And this is progress!!


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Gotta love the Adventure!!!!!



How'd that get there???

January 19, 2017  •  1 Comment

I'm prepping to paint, and removing some trim work in what soon will be the new studio.  Along this journey I have found little things here and there. Things that remind me of my grandparents, things that trigger a forgotten memory, or give me pause as to how the heck did that get there. Some of these I know the story, some will remain a mystery. Either way this one is kinda cool and although I'm not one for communication from beyond, I did get at least one goosebump.  

Excuse the Mess

January 16, 2017  •  6 Comments

1216studio_remodel_77741216studio_remodel_7774 The studio is going through some pretty radical changes!!  We moved into a new space, pretty much gutted the upstairs, and with the help of the whole family, are getting underway.  It has been an idea for a long time....and finally has materialized into the mammoth remodel job it is now.  I will post pictures along the way, and let you all know when we're all done....although, I don't think you're ever all done when it comes to studio space...it seems to always to be a work in progress.  So excuse the mess, and enjoy the ride. IMG_0829IMG_0829 IMG_0830IMG_0830 IMG_0831IMG_0831

This space is pretty special!!  My Grandparents built this house in the late 80's and retired here from New Jersey.  My Dad ran the wires and oversaw the building when it was being done. Nanny and PapPap were always supportive and excited to see us, and as the studio grew were excited to see what projects I was working on.  They made this space welcoming and warm.  I have been wanting more studio space for some time, and we all agreed that keeping this home in the family was a no brainer.  The next few pictures were taken of my Grandparent's over the last several years.  I am sure that Nanny and PapPap would be excited to see the changes, I know that the space will be different, but the foundation is the same!!

1113_grands_0015-21113_grands_0015-2 nannybobgunnynannybobgunny 1115_panama_deer_24941115_panama_deer_2494

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